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#1108, Tibetan, 45, resides in Albany (near Berkeley), seeking a live in or live out caregiver position, $10-15/hour, 4 years in the US, has a work permit, 2+ years elderly care experience, speaks Hindi and some English, knows Nepali and Indian cooking, single, has a 20 year old daughter in Nepal

#1933, Afghan, 26, CNA/CPR, resides in Fremont/Sunnyvale, seeking a live out position, 4 years in the US, driving for 4 years, fluent in English and Hindi, does not cook, single, green card holder

#1498, Ethiopia (Muslim), 45, resides in Fremont, driving for 28 years, US citizen, 12 years in the US, single, has two children, 18,15, 6 years caregiver experience, >1 year childcare experience, CPR certified, fluent in English and Amharit, cooks non veg

#1934, Caucasian/African, 46, resides in San Jose, seeking a live-in position anywhere in the Bay Area, graduated in Social Work, has 8 years of live in experience, worked at a skilled nursing facility, has experience with cancer, stroke patients and schizophrenia

#1713, Nepal, 50, resides in SF, driving for 10 years in Nepal, 2 years in US, 4 years in the US, work permit, married, has 3 boys, 17,19,21, fluent in English, currently working as a caregiver for two years, on call, Bachelors from Nepal, 3 months childcare experience

#1784, Fiji, 50, resides in Hayward, driving for 30 years, CNA, worked 20 years as a caregiver, 7 years babysitting experience, raised 5 children, does Indian cooking, seeking a full time job, fluent in English

#1400, Fiji, resides in Hayward, 50, HS diploma, speaks English and Hindi, 7 years caregiver experience, does not drive, can do live-in

#2088, North Indian (Delhi), 30, married, resides in Hayward, driving for 1.5 years, HS diploma, does non-veg cooking, seeking a part-time job from 3-8pm, or nights, fluent in English

#1264, Nepal, 46, resides in Sunnyvale, does not drive, 20 years pediatric nursing experience in Nepal, 4 years nanny experience in the US, CNA license, seeking an elderly care position, work permit,

#2233, North Indian, 34, resides in Newark, has completed course in Phlebotomy, seeking a caregiver position, BA, Lab work experience for 1 year,

#1425, Nepal, 50, resides in Fremont, fluent in English, BA Commerce, CNA, CPR certified, restaurant chef experience, mother of 2, grandchild, raised 7 kids

#2044, North Indian, 25, (Ruby), single, resides in San Jose, Berryessa, driving for 6 years, CNA, 2 years caregiver experience, fluent in English, seeking a full time job till 5pm, taking evening classes starting at 6:30

#1398, Nepal, 30, (Chunnta), resides in Sunnyvale, completed Nursing/RN course, US citizen, 11 years in the US, single, 5 years nanny experience, from newborn+, driving for 7 years, CPR certified, fluent in English, Hindi and Nepali, does light cooking, prefers food prep, gentle, patient, compassionate, self starter, 2 years of caregiver experience

#1956, Nepal, (Tabita) 37, resides in Sunnyvale, seeking a full time job, does not drive, 2 years in the US, work permit, 1 year childcare with 1.5 year old, mother of 2, 10,17, homemaker in Nepal, children are in Nepal, seeking a part-time job from 7-12, senior care or child care

#3010, Nepal, 40, (Archana), resides in Santa Clara, does not drive, 8 months childcare experience, mother of 3, 23, 20, 10, HS diploma, 4 years in the US

#2730, Nepal, 49, (Satya), currently in Sacramento, seeking a live-in position, driving for 4 years, owns a 2010 Nissan Altima, family is in Nepal, 4 years child care experience, with 2 children at a time, has a work permit, 30 hours of caregiver training