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2533, Nepal, 28, (Alina), resides in Irving, Texas, 75038, driving for 2 years, has a car, 1 years child care experience with 3 month old baby, married, has a 9 month old baby, reference available, fluent in English, BA from Nepal, 3.5 years in the US, seeking a part-time position mornings or afternoons

#2967, Nepal, (Sarita), 52, resides in Dallas, Texas, 1.5 years child care experience in the US, with 14 month baby and a 3 years old, green card holder, speaks Hindi only (currently working).

#3062, Nepal, (Lila), 30, resides in Somerville, NJ, (Boston) does not drive, in US since January 2014, married, mother of 2, ages 8,5, will take public transportation, seeking a live-out position

#3056, Nepal, (Bimla), 40, resides in Silver Spring, MD, does not drive, 6 years in the US, 5 years child care experience with 3 families, mother of 2

#3057, Nepal, (Sabitri), 47, resides in Irving, TX, widow, mother of 2, 1 year in the US, green card holder, speaks Hindi only

#3073, Nepal, 60, (Arpana), resides in Boulder, CO, drives and has a vehicle, fluent in English and Hindi, seeking a live-in/live-out position, near Colorado State, 6 years childcare experience, 18 years in the US, US citizen

$3075, Nepal, 45, (Laxmi), resides in Boulder, CO, does not drive

#3138, Nepal, (Janaki), 53, resides in Irving, TX, 2 years in the US, work permit, degree in Music, Musician, mother of 2, widow, seeking a live-in/live out position in the vicinity of Irving, TX, >1 year child care experience in the US, fluent in Hindi, some English

#2476, Nepal, 48, (Tara), resides in Boston, raised in Dehradun, India, 5 years in the US, has a work permit, worked for 5 families, 2 years live-in nanny experience, 3 years live-out nanny experience, early childhood development, Diploma in Child Psychology, Masters in Sociology, fluent in English and Hindi

#3117, Nepal, 38, (Laxmi), resides in Queens. NY, seeking a position in Manhattan, married, mother of 2, 5 years live-in position with one family, some college, 6 years in the US, work permit

#3205, Nepal, (Sharada), 46, resides in Hartford, CT, 2 years in the US, fluent in English, 1 year childcare experience in the US, swimming coach for 6 years, 12 years Montessori training, mother of 2

#3209, Nepal, (Anju), 45, resides in Somerville, MA, (Boston), drives and has a car, 10 years childcare experience

#3299, Nepal, (Sarita), 42, resides in Virginia, seeking a live-in position in Washington, DC, in the US since August 2014, husband and children are in Nepal, mother of 2 girls, 18, 14, speaks Hindi, understands English, was in insurance sales for 5 years, non-veg cooking, (currently working)

#3354, Nepal, (Vishnu), 45, resides in El Sobrante, CA seeking a live-in position in Oregon, has a sister in Oregon, > 6 months in the US, husband and 17 year old are in Nepal, speaks Hindi

#3700, Nepal, (Prema), 30, single, resides in Fairfax, Virginia, seeking a live-in/live-out position, 8 year old son is with her, BA in Business Studies, teacher for 2 years, grades 3-8, does cooking, fluent in English

#3731, Bihar, (Sonal), 24, currently in Ashland, Ohio, studying MBA, online classes, available after June 4, lived in Chennai, does non-veg cooking and housekeeping, took care of sister's children, now 4, 6 years old

#3714, Nepal, (Kushalta), 23, resides in Ashland, OH, can do live-in, working on her MBA, left banking job in Nepal, seeking a long term position, took care of children in joint family, experience with newborn, also tutored children 3-12 years of age, 7 years tutoring experience, fluent in English, does cooking, does not drive

#1931, (Krishna) Nepal, 38, resides in Dallas, does not drive, 3 years in the US, work permit, 3 years childcare experience, mother of 3, ages 19, 16, 10, speaks Hindi & Tamil, born in Madras, understands English, HS diploma, worked in Dubai for 2 years , does south Indian & North Indian cooking

#1696, Nepal, 47, (Poonam) currently in Boston, 8+ years nanny experience, including twins, seeking family with newborn, fluent in English and Hindi, does not drive, seeking a live-in position, work permit, does Indian/Nepali cooking, and other cuisine