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Sacramento & Surrounding

#1938 - Carmichael - (Usha) North Indian, 43, 13 years in the US, seeking a cooking/cleaning job, does laundry and housecleaning, mother of 2, ages 18, 14, 6 years experience, childcare, cooking and cleaning, understands English, fluent in Hindi, prefers till 3pm

#1913 - Folsom - North Indian, 38, (Narinder) 1 year in the US, does not drive, HS, babysitting and cooking, speaks Hindi/Punjabi only, seeking a part-time position from 4-8pm

#1494, North Indian, 57, (Davinder) resides in Sacramento, 9 years in the US, excellent cook, seeking a live-in/live-out position in the Sacramento area

#2155, North Indian, 53, (Balwinder) resides in Antelope, driving for 14 years, 18 years in the US, some English, HS diploma, 4-5 years nanny experience, mother of 2,

#2312, North Indian, 46, (Manjit) resides in South Sacramento, >1 year in the US, green card holder, HS diploma, does not drive, seeking a live-in position

#2488, North Indian (Sukhbir), 57, resides in Natomas, married, took care of 1.5 year old for 3 years, driving for 30 years, mother of 2, both children are in Healthcare, well educated, Masters, BEd, teacher in India, non veg, speaks English

#2545, North Indian (Narinder), 45, resides in Antelope, seeking a full-time position, driving for 7 years, 7 years in the US, MA, BEd, teacher for 9 years, mother of 2, single mom, 1+ years childcare experience, fluent in English and Hindi

#2557, North Indian, (Harinder) 60, resides in Natomas, 4 years inthe US, mother of 5, worked for 2-3 families, fluent in Hindi and Punjabi, does not drive

#2589, Nepal, 37, (Sapna) resides in Woodland, driving for 5 years, mother of 2, seeking a part-time position from 9-2 or full time, CPR certified, cooking, fluent in Hindi, can work in Davis, West Sacramento

#2350, Nepal, 28, (Sabita) resides in Folsom, fluent in English, driving for 5 years, 9 years in the US, 8 years childcare experience, seeking a part-time position from 8-4, mother of 2, 10, 6, does Indian/Nepali cooking, HS diploma

#2708, North Indian, (Kulwant) , 58, resides in Antelope, driving for several years, seeking a part time cooking position in Antelope or Roseville

#2881, North Indian, (Balbir), 60, resides in Antelope, drives

#2896, Nepal, 38, (Kalpana), resides in Woodland, 7 years in the US, green card holder, driving for 5 years, elderly care and child care experience, husband and children are in Nepal, children are 14,9

#1662, North Indian, 51, (Kuldeep), resides in Elk Grove, driving 32 years, 8 years child care experience, vegetarian, Galt, Lodi, South Sacramento, with daughter

#2769, Pakistan, 24, (Ana), married, resides in Sacramento, driving for 2+ years, 4 years childcare experience, 2 years of college, knows Punjabi, does cooking and light housework, prefers afternoons

#3047, North Indian, (Darshan), 36, resides in Natomas, driving for 1.5 years, nurse for 9 years in India, 15 units of ECE, 4 years in the US, currently working 9-3pm, married, mother of 1

#3102, Nepal, (Bel), 42, resides in Elk Grove, 7 years in the US, driving for 6 years, mother of 2, ages 22, 20, does cooking, HS diploma, fluent in English

#3148, North Indian, (Jagpreet), 34, resides in Elk Grove, driving for 7 years, mother of 3, >1 years childcare experience, 16 years in the US, prefers 8:30-3pm but can be flexible

#3133, Nepal, (Srijana), 40, resides in Woodland, driving since September 2014, mother of 2, ages 15,2, HS diploma, worked in Hospital for 12 years, doing distribution of CT scans and MRI's.

#3359, North Indian, (Madhu), 51, resides in Rancho Cordova, 5 years childcare experience, driving for 10 years, BA, mother of 3, one child is doing Pharmacy, one is going to UC Davis, and third is in 10th grade, excellent cook

#1761, North Indian, 22, (Priya) resides in Elk Grove, driving for 4 years, married, HS diploma, taking classes at college, 3 years childcare experience with infants and toddlers, does cooking, 13 years in the US, references available, seeking a part time position in the mornings, references available